AR. Hunter Moving Targets: A confrontation between Man and Machine in Augmented Reality

A flying object is coming closer… It’s the AR.Drone, looming like a predator. Tension is rising, danger is imminent. You only have one option: run away and run fast.

Hounded, hunted, you are frantically racing, avoiding obstacles and searching for a hide out to escape from the enemy. And just when you think you are safe the AR.Drone is upon you…

It’s too late, your fate is sealed. You have been located by the AR.Drone’s camera and it is shooting you in Augmented Reality.

Your defenses are weakened, you are consumed by fear and you are losing your mind. Do you carry on? Keep running? Keep on fighting with the AR.Drone? Or give up?

Fear not, your iPhone® is equipped with a secret Augmented Reality weapon! Aim its camera at the AR.Drone and shoot until you hit your target!

You need nerves of steel to complete the adventure – you have been warned.

Prepare for the battle
AR.Hunter is a 2-player game. One of them is piloting the AR.Drone and the other one, armed with an iPhone®, iPod touch® or an iPad® equipped with a camera is wearing a specially designed coloured cap which enables the camera’s detection of the AR.Drone. *AR.Hunter can also be played without the cap. Using this game mode, the AR.Drone doesn’t have any weapons. Only human player is able to shoot it in Augmented Reality.

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Free game available on DATE on the App StoreSM
Cap : £29,99,available on DATE on


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