ARIA iPhone Karaoke: Practice or Perform karaoke on the go!

Introducing ARIA Karaoke For iPhone: Practice Or Perform Karaoke On The Go, {Total|Complete} With Built-in Karaoke Song Store.

Digital 1 Audio, publisher of ARIA entertainment {software program|software} ( announces the release of ARIA Karaoke, the mobile karaoke app for the {actual|real} iPhone karaoke {expertise|experience}.

Tampa, FL {Might|May} 12, 2011 — Digital 1 Audio releases ARIA Karaoke app on Apple’s%u2122 iTunes App

What sets the ARIA Karaoke for iPhone app apart “%u2026is the {high quality|quality} of the karaoke song files,” states, Lewis Davidson- Creative Director. “We only use the {greatest|best} karaoke content {obtainable|available} on the {marketplace|market}. Also {rather|instead} of limiting the user to just a {couple of|few} songs, ARIA Karaoke for iPhone has a built-in karaoke song store so that you can {select|choose} {precisely|exactly} what you want.” With a {big|large} and growing catalog of tens of thousands of songs {obtainable|available} in our app store, there is {some thing|something} for {everybody|everyone}. We wanted {accurate|true} karaoke lovers to be able to {discover|find} what they {adore|love} singing at their favorite karaoke venue, {obtainable|available} for them to {purchase|buy} and sing along with anywhere. Song {options|choices} {consist of|include} {every thing|everything} from classics to {present|current}: rock, pop, r&b, hip-hop, show-tunes, holiday favorites even songs for {kids|children}.

The ARIA iPhone karaoke application {functions|features}:
{Consists of|Includes} the karaoke song “What I Got” in the style of Sublime.
Pro {high quality|quality} songs {price|cost} just $1.99 on par with {business|industry} pricing for CD G discs.
Works with the iRig%u2122 Mic for {simple|easy} plug and play singing performances.
Player controls to play and pause the track or skip ahead to where the lyrics {start|begin}.
Turn the screen sideways, to display the lyrics {bigger|larger} for you and {pals|friends}.
{Fantastic|Great} sounding files from {expert|professional} karaoke song vendors.
Personalize your vocalist settings for female, male or duets.

Secure purchases {supplied|provided} by iTunes.
Library to store in app {bought|purchased} karaoke songs.
Search by genre, artist, song name or decade.
Clearly displays on screen lyrics.
Davidson continues, “Our app is the easiest to use, and most aesthetically pleasing karaoke app in the
marketplace. {High quality|Quality} in our app was {extremely|very} {essential|important} to us. {Numerous|Many} karaoke apps {merely|simply} search the {Web|Internet} for
illegal versions of karaoke songs, or worse {however|yet}, songs that {merely|simply} have the vocal range edited out. Some make
your {function|work} and edit files to get the lyrics in sync with the audio. These miss the mark for the {accurate|true} karaoke
enthusiasts, so we only {function|work} with {main|major} music vendors so that our users know when they {purchase|buy} a song from our
store, they are {obtaining|getting} the {actual|real} {factor|thing}.”

About ARIA {Software program|Software}:
ARIA Karaoke for iPhone is {produced|created} by Digital 1 Media, Inc. the owner of Digital 1 Audio, the premier creator
of {expert|professional} and consumer DJ {software program|software} and Karaoke {software program|software} {goods|products}. ARIA Karaoke for iPhone is
produced in conjunction with Mowbol LLC.

Mowbol LLC is a Dublin, Ohio based mobile app development studio that builds life-enhancing and problemsolving
applications on IOS (Apple), Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

ARIA {Software program|Software}
611 S. Ft Harrison #317
Clearwater, FL 33756
For {much more|more} {info|information}, please {get in touch with|contact} {Advertising|Marketing}: Lewis Davidson at 813-261-0379 x 2

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