AttachmentMailer: Send any file, any time!

Ever had a file on your iPhone that you urgently needed to send to a colleague? AttachmentMailer lets you email any PDF, DOC, DOCX, ZIP (and many more!) file that you can open on the iPhone!

Simply click on “Open with AttachmentMailer” in any iPhone application that lets you use files (such as Mail, Safari, virtual USB drives, etc.) and enter the recipient.

Finally you can forward any file on your iPhone or from the internet! With AttachmentMailer you can easily forward that file that your colleague so urgently needs. Or maybe you use your iPhone as an external harddrive or USB stick (via other software)? Now you are able to forward those files stored on it via email!

AttachmentMailer is e-s-s-e-n-t-i-a-l for anyone doing real work with the iPhone. Get it now for free and forward any file, any time!

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