Auto Will kit for iPhone, a new entry to the Mobile Application market have just released the first new application called Auto Will. This is an application where you can write your Last Will and Testament for an amazingly low price of £2.99.(BUT ITS FREE ON SATURDAY 11th SEPTEMBER.)  Simply fill the input fields and send it to a PC to print it. The application allows multiple saves under different names and therefore is great for family and friends to use too.

The application is the only one of its type in the iTunes Store and is expected to be a huge seller because of its amazing convenience and price compared to the traditional, non reusable “do it yourself kits”. The application which is very simplistic to complete is only available on iPhone at the moment but is expected to launch on iPad in mid September.

Bubbsy also have a website to support the application, and to gain useful feedback for future free upgrades. “We are new to the App Market and listening to our customers is essential if we want to grow” said the developer, Steve Power.

The future applications that Bubbsy will release will include some administration related apps, a notifications app and a gambling simulator app. All of the Apps from Bubbsy will be innovative new material.

Steve Power said “Auto Will is the first app we have done and is a great way to enter the market as it is the only one of it’s type, and we can offer it at an amazingly low price of just £2.99 for an app that you can re-use time and time again.


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