Avantgarde Battery Meter (free promo codes)

The Avantgarde Battery Meter brings a new artistic experience to battery status reporting: we’ve selected sets of excellent photographs and we automatically linked them to information on how long the battery will last in different usage scenarios (listening to music, watching videos, attending 3D video conferences, using WiFi, etc). If you want an artsy presentation of this information, then the Avantgarde Battery Meter is the application for you.

Themes for the Avantgarde Battery Meter range from sunsets, nature, portraits, to surfing, skydiving, and biking. Delight your eyes with all theses here. Then use your favorite one to add some art to your iPhone or iPod-Touch. To get all the themes in one application just check the ‘Multiple Theme’ release.

To get detailed information about your battery usage and recommendations on using the phone to save battery life, just keep pressed on the main screen.

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User reviews:
“the avantgarde battery meter is by far the best battery meter application on the market” (jane h.)

“the photographs are so so good, just a great experience” (anders)

“I love Tom Hoops’ art, I cannot keep the battery meter closed, the models just look you in the eyes and hypnotize the viewer” (emmie)

“the application is very rewarding, on top of the high graphics and great experience. I found very useful the links to information from Apple about how to use the iPhone to get a better experience, and also the links to the artist’s work – I discovered great works that made my day. Good job guys!” (anne m.)

“I love surfing and especially the surf-themes, great app“ (rick t.)


The Avantgarde Battery Meter was developed in collaboration with a limited number of pro-eminent photographers (more to come):

Tom Hoops (website)
tom hoops
Reviewer’s note: “As far as I’m concerned: Tom Hoops is the Quentin Tarantino of photography. Magnificent and stylized to the point of visual nirvana. You are almost unable to look away.”

Mana Photos (website)
Reviewer’s note: “Mana is a professional surf photographer with an exceptional passion for all ocean’s beauty. His love for surfing enables him to seize the moment and capture exciting photographs, in his own unique manner. Mana is fortunate to live in Hawaii, the land of surf, where he has captured some of the most dynamic moments of this fascinating sport.”

Julien Fourniol (website)
julien fourniol
I discovered photography by chance … I would like to invent a perfect biography, in which, from the first pages, we learn that the character was born with a film camera in his hands, but not … None of this … I have started to do photography in 2000 during my military service. I was so bored that I frequently escaped by listening to jazz and taking pictures of my friends …

And then one day it got into my head, to keep for myself the most beautiful corners of nature that I encounter during my travels …

I am very attracted by the natural beauty of everything, by the simple shapes and especially by colors. I like my pictures to be full of color, to be warm and for them to be self sufficient.

I love the vision of the painter Matisse who speaks of “an art of purity and serenity … like a good armchair which provides relaxation to the tired body.”

The best compliment I can receive for my photographs is simply: “It’s beautiful”

More about the developer – IT Wizard:

We started working together as a team in 2002 as preparation for IEEE’s Computer Society International Design Competition. Following our first place in the world finals, we decided to join our expertise in hardware design and software development. The result was a young, tireless and enthusiastic team, IT Wizard, focused on bringing to live functioning prototypes and production solutions for bright ideas. Our past activity involved extensive consulting on and enhancing of specific parts of existing embedded projects, software defined radios, mobile phone development. During the last period we mainly focused on the mobile phone industry, tackling the emerging markets: iPhone and Android.

Members of Wizard team have been awarded gold medals for participation in past prestigious international competitions, such as the IEEE’s CSIDC and ACM’s ICPC contests. Our skills are reflected in Certificates of Excellence from the Romanian National Association of Software Industry, Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport, and IEEE. Our results have also been published and presented at international events. Last, but not least, our trainees won top places at prestigious international competitions such as IEEE’s CSIDC and Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Challenge.

Promotional codes for the Avantgarde Battery Meter – Sunset Theme


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