Avvie B&B Calendar

The app allows you to manage all of the essential functions of the Avvie B&B Calendar: viewing the availability calendars for the different rooms in your B&B, the calendar with the overall availability and all pending requests.

You can edit requests and bookings with the app. Changes that have an effect on the availability will be visible instantly on the calendars that you have published on your website and in the Avvie B&B directory, provided that you have activated those calendars of course.

From the app you can send one of five of your self-defined emails.

More about the Avvie B&B Calendar on the web:
As an innkeeper you can log in to do all of the above, and more:
- delete out-of-date requests
- set up your B&B with Calendars for each room
- define your email responses
- create the code to publish your calendar on your website (with an iFrame) in a layout and style of your choice.

** The app requires an internet connection and a subscription to the Avvie B&B Calendar: **

For review purposes you can use the login:

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