Awesome chicken: A fun and addictive game with a unique gameplay style!

Awesome chicken is a newly released fun and addictive game about a test pilot for a flying apparatus called Jetpack.
The goal of the game is simple: using intuitive swipe controls try to reach the highest point without losing all of the Awesome chicken‘s feathers!
But be careful: there are a lot of obstacles on your way, so try to avoid them, otherwise crashing into obstacles will cause our brave Chicken pilot to lose some of it’s feathers.
On your way up, try and perform some of the special missions to unlock achievements and earn medals for Awesome chicken to showcase!

Features include:

- Intuitive swipe controls
- Fun physics-based gameplay involving Awesome Chicken’s feathers
- Hilariously animated main character that reacts to everything that goes on during the game
- Several levels with increasing difficulty
- Lots of various achievements
- Multiple medals to unlock
- Special menu that allows you to showcase earned medals

Below are the links to Awesome chicken website and official Gameplay video to give you a better feel for how the game plays and looks:

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Awesome Chicken website:

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Please tell your friends about the game and help us spread the word! Thanks!

Awesome Chicken - Dennis Logan

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