Aww, Eggplant!?: A fun and addicting new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Made by 3 grad students!

Think you have what it takes to become a master chef? Then Aww, Eggplant!? is the game for you!

My name is Anthony Palma and I’m currently a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center as well as a game developer. Two friends from the program (Alex Kowalski, Tyler Emptage) and I have created a fun, addicting, physics-based skill game for the iPhone and iPod Touch titled “Aww, Eggplant!?” that was just released in the App Store! The full game only costs $0.99 and a free, ad-supported version is on the way as well.

Features include:
-Fast-paced physics-based skewering gameplay
-Unique and intuitive one-touch controls that make picking up and playing a cinch
-Never-ending level tiers that get more difficult to pass as you progress
-Six hilarious themes to keep the level progressions entertaining and interesting
-Four unique mini-games to mix up gameplay styles
-Original music and sound effects — all from one guy’s unaltered voice.
-Tons of visceral feedback to let you know how you’re performing
-GameCenter Integration with 10 Leaderboards and 30 Achievements for GameCenter-enabled -devices
-Created by only three grad students!!

The goal of the game is simple: Skewer as many veggies as possible within the time limit, but don’t skewer any eggplants! Earn enough points to pass each round and work towards a high score! Anthropomorphized veggies constantly fly out from each side of the screen spinning and screaming, and your job is to skewer them while they’re in mid-air to earn points. It’s that simple!

Below are the links to our Teaser Trailer and Gameplay videos to give you a better feel for how the game plays and the mood of the game.

Teaser Trailer:

Gameplay Trailer:

Please support your indie college boostrapping game developers today and check out Aww, Eggplant!?

We’ve included one promo code for one lucky reader to check out the game for free! All we ask is that you tell your friends about us in exchange :) Thanks!

Promo Code: 3764LWLKMRJW

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