Azuki Wave: Physics Simulation for Ocean Waves Sound Effect

PSOFT MOBILE, makers of the hit iOS app Zen Brush, is proud to announce the release of “Azuki Wave”, a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod that reproduces the soothing sound of ocean waves by simulating the traditional Japanese way of creating such a sound effect: azuki beans rolling around in a zaru basket.

Do you know how the sound effect for ocean waves used in television and cinema is created? In Japan, the traditional method, dating back to the early days of Kabuki, is to use “azuki” beans and a bamboo basket called “zaru”. The sound of azuki beans gently rolling around in a zaru basket is just like the sound of ocean waves.

“Azuki Wave” is an app that reproduces the movement and sound of azuki in a zaru on your iOS device. Our original physics engine, called “Azuki Simulator”, faithfully computes the movement of each individual azuki bean. Along with it, we also developed our “Azuki Synthesizer” to generate sound that is synchronized with the movement of the azuki. Not only is this app a highly realistic physics simulation, it also provides a strangely nice feeling to everyone trying it. Simply rolling the azuki around, touching them, listening to the ocean sounds they create somehow allows you to calm down and has a soothing, refreshing effect.

Try “Azuki Wave” when you can’t stand the heat outside, when you really feel like going to the sea but can’t, or when you want to take your mind off some irritating thing.

App Features:
* Highly realistic azuki bean movement powered by the “Azuki Simulator”, our original physics engine.
* Powerful “Azuki Synthesizer” which generates ocean waves sounds from the sampled sound of a single azuki bean.
* Smooth computer animation depicting high grade Japan-grown azuki beans.
* Supports device tilting and multi-touch interaction.
* Adjustable amount of azuki beans (3 discrete levels).
* Allows simultaneous background music playback.

* iPad, iPhone (3GS and newer), iPod touch (3rd generation and newer).
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Demo Video:

Azuki Wave Homepage

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