Babelingo Travel Phrases

Babelingo is an application filled to the brim with phrases useful while traveling in other countries, or if you need help speaking English phrases. The application really is overflowing with phrases and translations, and one needs only choose which language to start with and which language to end with.

Babelingo is an expansive application, truly. At first I was under the impression that it only did Spanish-to-English translations (that is the default setting), but I soon discovered that there are eleven different languages to switch between.

Upon choosing your beginning and ending languages, Babelingo does the rest by supplying basic and complex phrases to just about any conversational topic. Tap-through screens are easy to navigate and the design is really quite good.

One thing I really wish this application included was the ability to input text yourself.

Pros: Expansive, intuitive

Cons: Lack of text input

Bottom Line: Babelingo is a sprawling travel-phrase application with multiple languages and plenty of phrases. If you are traveling and need something for better understanding the language, Babelingo is a great source.

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