Baby Monitor & Alarm 2.0 just released! (promocodes inside)

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TappyTaps released today new version of Baby Monitor & Alarm. This is new major version, with a lot of added functionalities and new graphics look.

Baby Monitor & Alarm helps with babysitting of small children. It can notify you, when child became noisy, it can also play a song before sleeping, say “mummy’s voice” to let child asleep when awake and much more!

We focused on implementation of features, that asked our long term customers. So that what you can find in Baby Monitor & Alarm 2.0?

  • Alert function – application calls to another phone, when noise in room
  • Sweet dreams - every child is going to sleep with his favorite song or fairytale, right? We can play it and then start monitoring¬†automatically
  • Mummy’s voice – sometimes child awake in the middle of night… And mummy’s voice can let him asleep again – without disturbing of parents
  • Activity log – check, what happened during night in the child’s room. Replay all noises (like child’s cough) and you can even send them to email (for example sound of child’s cough to your doctor)

Look at AppStore for more details about our amazing product! Review copies available upon a request – contact us at

And here are the promo codes:


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