Backgammon Gold: Backgammon for iPhone and iPad

The classic strategy game in a shiny new design

Cologne (Germany) – mobivention today presents their new version of the classic game Backgammon in a new modern design. Backgammon Gold is packed with several individualization opportunities and helpful functions which make a game of Backgammon irresistible.

Backgammon is a mix of strategy and gamble and is played by 2 persons. Every player plays with one color of tiles which are – depending on the game mode – arranged in a certain order on the game board. The players have to find strategically the best way to move on their tiles. Two dices target the speed of movement of the tiles. Goal of the game is to play as long until all the tiles are moved to the Home Board and can be carried off. Who succeeds first in carrying off all his or her tiles wins.

Besides various game board and tile designs, mobivention’s Backgammon Gold also offers 3 difficulty levels. Even newbies will have fun playing this classic, thanks to several help functions. But also committed gamers will find a great deal of motivation in 2 different game modes and a GameCenter connection. Furthermore users can look forward to a computer opponent and a Bluetooth connection to compete against friends.

The ad-supported lite version is now available in the Android Market. Premium features, such as additional game board designs, an expert KI-level and a tournament modus are available for $ 0,99 each. Additional features are already in progress and will be released via updates soon.

Bibiana Hesseler
Director Marketing
mobivention GmbH
Gottfried-Hagen-Str. 24
51105 Cologne – Germany
f: +49 221 677 811 20

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Backgammon Gold - mobivention

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