If you can legitimately claim to be good at BallRing that means you’ve got more patience and steadier hands than 99.9% of the world’s population! Of course I’m not basing that figure on anything scientific, but it really does take a special kind of talent to master this incredibly frustrating puzzle game.

The object of BallRing is simply to put the balls in the ring. Tilt your iPhone this way and that, and eventually a couple of the little orbs will either float or bounce their way through the gap in the ring. And if you’re me, they’ll either float or bounce their way out again. :sad:

What makes this game so hard are the various conditions you find yourself playing under… Classic mode makes the balls more susceptible to gravity than the ring, just as if they were objects sitting on a dry, flat surface. Bouncer makes everything slide around like it’s an ice rink, DuoRing doubles the fun with two rings and twice as many balls, Hypnotize creates a weird optical illusion that you kind of have to see for yourself, Liquid makes everything move around the board more or less in unison, and Sequential demands that you work only specific balls into the ring or it’s all over.

Each mode can be relatively easy with only 3 or 4 balls to contend with, and if you’re a true masochist you might find yourself trying to negotiate as many as 8 of them. All the while a timer sits quietly in the corner of the screen as a not-so-subtle reminder that being good at BallRing means being fast at BallRing.

There’s no global scoreboard so you’re playing strictly for the personal challenge, and if you think you’re a Puzzle Master you haven’t tried this game yet. It may not be for everyone, but if you count steadiness and concentration among your best “skills” then you should consider dropping a buck on on this game… but make sure you have the suicide hotline on speed dial because you just might need to make that call!

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