Bamboo Group Announces New Release of Wind OS

Bamboo Group has announced the release of a new version of Wind OS for iPhone. Wind OS 2.0 update is bringing new exciting features to the entertaining application.

Wind OS is a Windows simulator that gives iPhone users an opportunity to feel a well-known environment on their iPhones. Windows simulation starts from booting and cooler buzzing, and then the classic desktop screen appears displaying the easily recognizable landscape. It hosts web browser and notepad for work, and Minesweeper for entertainment. Worth mentioning is Wind OS’ multitasking support.

Since the Wind OS 1.0 release the development team has been focused on fulfilling most of the wishes of Wind OS admires, and now 2.0 update is bringing them to life.

• Two new games have been added to the pack: Tic-Tac-Toe and Spin-The-Bottle
• Wind OS Explorer is now available for files browsing
• Documents saving/opening implemented
• Paint application added for image editing
• Calculator – for simple math
• Browser enriched with bookmarks support
• Sound volume now can be controlled from within Wind OS

Device Requirements:
• iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
• Wind OS is only $0.99 USD and available through the App Store in Entertainment and Games/Simulation categories.

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