Banner Deluxe


Banner Deluxe is currently on sale for $.99

Banner Deluxe bills itself as “the coolest, hippest, sexiest scrolling banner app ever!!”

Exaggeration? I dunno, I haven’t tried any other banner apps! But I’ll take Vanilla Breeze’s word for it – this thing is pretty fancy and it’s packed with features and design options.

After you input your text you can apply a pre-set theme that applies a backdrop and text style to your message, or you can set the backdrop and text separately. You can also control font, size, stroke color (the outline around the text), and matte or glossy.

The options screen controls how fast your text moves across your iPhone, whether or not your iPhone goes to sleep automatically, and apparently you can string a bunch of iPhones together to make one giant banner. Nutty! I have no friends, therefore I have no other iPhones to try the big-banner thing on, but it’s a cool idea.

Truth is I have no idea what I’d do with a scrolling banner on my iPhone, but I’m sure others could find uses. Maybe you could try to pick up chicks from across a crowded, smoke-filled room? Hold it up in a dark movie theater with the words “OVER HERE DUMBASS” so your friends can find you after going on a popcorn run? Keep it on display on your desk at work so you can tell your coworkers to go to hell without actually having to say it?

Throwing in some obnoxious flashing/bouncing animations might be fun (if that’s even possible), and using camera roll photos for backdrops would be nice, but otherwise Banner Deluxe is very complete and was clearly put together by some people with “mad skillz”.¬†Whatever your needs are, if you’re looking for a scrolling banner this one won’t disappoint.¬†

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