BarCards: a social pickup scavenger hunt game for iPhone

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comI was out at a bar with friends, and while we were drinking we came up with an iPhone app (isn’t this how most iPhone apps are created?).  As one friend put it, BarCards is basically “a social pickup scavenger hunt game” where you can easily meet people at the bar, make new friends, and even get a number.  I have attached promo cards towards the bottom.

The game is pretty simple, on a player’s turn, they will be responsible to find a person in the bar who IS, HAS, or DOES something listed on the card.  For example, you might have to find a person:

*Who IS shorter than 5′ tall, or
*Who HAS a tube of lipstick, or
*Who will DO the moonwalk

If you solve all the cards in your round, then you someone from your group who you are matched up with has to buy you a drink.

The URL for the $1.99 version is:
The URL for the free LITE version is:
Our website is:
We are on Twitter at:

Promo Codes to Give Away:


Hope you enjoy the app as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Please give me unadulterated feedback.  If you love it, please count the ways so I know what really works.  If it sucks, please let me know how bad it is so I can improve.

Much love and I hope this can get you a phone number the next time you’re out,


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