Bars (FeBars): Steel Rebars Swiss Knife

The definitive tool for desk and site. If you {function|work} with reinforced concrete {you will|you’ll} {discover|find} {a lot|plenty} of {useful|helpful} uses for this App.

No text or number entry, {quick|fast} & sharp touch interface.

Use it to define your sections, to compare or optimize designs.
{Discover|Find} the {greatest|best} equivalence between {various|different} rebars.

Forget about unit conversions, {function|work} with imperial or metric units.

Convert or {discover|find} equivalent reinforcement regardless of initial and final standards. See safety coefficient for equivalence as you {alter|change} {information|data}. Number and color showing safety factor.

{Utilizing|Using} steel {various|different} from project? No {issue|problem}, just {choose|select} {suitable|appropriate} and see instant {outcomes|results}

Run out of a diameter on {website|site}? {Discover|Find} the {greatest|best} {answer|solution} on the fly, and print/e-mail a report stating all relevant {information|data} and safety {elements|factors}.

{Actual|Real} distance between bars. Do they fit? Can concrete be poured between bars? Alerts for inappropriate values.

Define your preferred diameters or use pre-defined settings. Colored alerts will be shown for not preferred diameters.

Multi-{regular|standard}: European ENV10080, USA imperial & metric, CAN, Spain.
Accuracy an complying of Standards verified.
Search or compare from {various|different} standards.
{Effortlessly|Easily} expandable to other standards, just e-mail some {information|data} and the new {regular|standard} will be {accessible|available} for download.

Multi-language interface and reports {via|through} PDF files.
{Alter|Change} Language from inside the APP ({with out|without} changing device config).

See and manage your reports from your desktop {pc|computer} (iTunes {needed|required}) or from inside the APP with the new Report Manager.

New Configuration screen for Diameters, steel {kinds|types}, and languages. {Such as|Including} reset and {web|internet} download.

New Report Manager able to delete, rename, duplicate, mail, print,… and even transfer files to other APPS as iBooks (when {accessible|available}).

Link to App:

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