Baseball Game

I was all set to really dislike Baseball Game from Global Net Value Co Ltd after some rousing discussion over on the TA forums.  I mean seriously, who creates a baseball game and calls it…BASEBALL GAME??  Maybe Blizzard should change the name of Diablo 3 to ‘Action RPG’…that should really stir up the imagination.  Anyway back on topic, after spending time actually playing BG I have to say my original opinion was hasty.  This game is not like Baseball Superstars or 9 Innings Pro so if you’re looking for depth stick with those titles; for a light round of simple and fun baseball action however, one could start here.

Basically this is a simple pitch’n’bat affair against the AI (no multiplayer).  There’s no active fielding and though you can have runners on base you can’t steal or bunt; it’s all about knockin’ in RBI’s with base hits and homers.  You can bat lefty or righty but it’s permanent and can’t be toggled ingame.  On the pitching side, the game states you can throw curves and sliders in addition to the standard fastball but honestly they all look the same to me and I felt like I had extremely minor effect on the outcome of any pitch.  I should hate the controls of this game just on principle but turns out they really aren’t so bad.  Both pitching and batting are accomplished with a light flick of the phone.  I do mean light as in you aren’t required to swing Wii-style and risk your phone flying out of your hands and smashing into the wall.  That said, a touch option would certainly be much welcome for those averse to this type of control (as I generally am) and honestly who wants to sit in a waiting room flicking their phone around like you have a nervous tic while everyone stares.  There’s a decent amount of options included: lefty/righty batting as mentioned, number of innings 3-9, called game toggle, extra innings toggle and uniform color.

Now here’s the gripes.

  • There’s no save option so any interruption means the game is reset.
  • The game is on the easy side so once you get the hang of the controls you basically always win.
  • This is a big one…crashes.  I mean hard crashes too, the kind that you have to do a hard reboot of your phone to recover from (first app I’ve ever had that issue with).  Thankfully not frequent but even 1 such crash is too many!
  • Price…simply too high for a game of this simplicity.  Not only that but the app storefront claims the price will actually be going up a dollar soon.
So in the end you have a more-fun-than-I-expected pickup baseball game that can easily kill a spare 15 mins while waiting for this or that.  Based on the crashes though I can’t in good conscience recommend this game until that’s addressed.  If and when it does and the price dips to a reasonable level, would be an easy recommend as long as you know going in this is a light and simple affair designed to kill off a few minutes, not coach a dream team to the pennant.

version reviewed – 1.0
reviewed on – iPhone 3G 8GB 2.2.1
iTunes music support – yes

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