Battle Zone X – Strategic space combat for the iPhone

Take to the stars for some intergalactic space warfare in this turn based strategic combat game.

Simple, intuitive user interface and challenging gameplay means Battle Zone X is easy to pick up but hard to put down again.

Perfect your tactics in training mode then send your fleet up against another human opponent in 2 player via Bluetooth or on the same device.

Devise a strategy, plan your attack, issue your orders to your fleet and watch the battle ensue.

Play against your friends and see who is the ultimate Battle Zone Xcommander.

Wage war across some of the most beautiful sights from around the universe with real background images taken by various telescopes, courtesy of NASA

Battle Zone X – 2 teams, 24 ships, only 1 winner

Single or multi player

Multi player via Bluetooth or on the same iDevice

Intuitive UI

Battle Zone X - OmniChrome

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