Beer Timer!- Stop Exploding Beer In Your Freezer

blueHula Studios today announced their {initial|first} app, Beer Timer, is now {obtainable|available} exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Developed for {anybody|anyone} who has ever thought it was a {great|good} {concept|idea} to put a beer in the freezer to cool it down, and then forgotten about it, Beer Timer alerts iPhone and iPad users their beer is in the freezer and ready to drink.

“Our {objective|goal} was to {quit|stop} {individuals|people} from exploding forgotten beer in their freezer,” {stated|said} Craig VanderZwaag, Beer Timer’s developer. “We built the app to alarm not only {prior to|before} the beer freezes, but also to alarm at the temperature {every|each} beer {kind|type} is supposed to be consumed.”

Beer Timer takes into consideration the size of the beer, the container and the {kind|type}. “We spent {really|quite} a bit of time testing, and tasting” {stated|said} VanderZwaag. “{As soon as|Once} we got some {information|data} about how {rapidly|quickly} {every|each} beer cools from room temperature to {it is|it’s} optimum drinking temperature, we {had been|were} able to {figure out|determine} {precisely|exactly} how {lengthy|long} a beer {ought to|should} be in the freezer.”

Beer Timer’s users input the the size, container and {kind|type}, and the app figures how {lengthy|long} the beer {ought to|should} be in the freezer. “You {do not|don’t} drink stout beer at the {exact same|same} temperature you drink a pale lager,” {stated|said} VanderZwaag. “Our users get a beer at the {ideal|perfect} temperature no matter what style of beer they’re enjoying, with the bonus of {by no means|never} having to clean beer off the walls of the freezer {once more|again}.”

Beer Timer is now {obtainable|available} for $.99 in the U.S. and priced accordingly in other regions. Beer Timer is {obtainable|available} world-wide from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad or by visiting Please {go to|visit} for {much more|more} Beer Timer {info|information}, {such as|including} video and screenshots of the app.

blueHula Studios is an independent iOS development studio based out of Arroyo Grande California and was formed in 2010 by Craig VanderZwaag for the purpose of {making|creating} {enjoyable|fun} and {useful|helpful} applications for the iPhone and iPad.

{Obtainable|Available} in the App Store at

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