Before Starting a Blog Think about Hosting

So, you are thinking about starting your own blog?  Blogs can be a great way to promote your business, express your ideas, or be a business all to them selves.  You would be surprised to learn what some of the larger blogs can make in monthly revenue.

Blogs can also be easy to set up on platforms like wordpress.  But, before you start your blog you need to think about web hosting.  This can be a very important decision, because if your site grows you do not want to have to worry about migrating to another server at a later time.  Make sure you web host can grow with you.  If you do not want to have to maintain a server make sure they offer managed hosting as well.  That way you can focus on the content.

If your site gets real large you may want a web host that offer colocation.  This will allow your site to reside in multiple locations in case of failure at one location.  Large sites require colocation since down time can cost them a lot of money.

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