Better Wine Guide: professionally rated, under $25 wine app with a barcode scanner

New iPhone App Provides Wine Buying Guidance for Non-Connoisseurs

Better Wine Guide Serves Up Scores and Tasting Notes for America’s Top Selling Wines Under $25

Austin, TX (June 7, 2011) – Major Fifth, Inc today announced the release of Better Wine Guide™, an iPhone application that provides tasting notes and scores for many of the top selling wines in the US. The application is designed to help people discover better reasonably priced wine and does not require any prior wine knowledge.

“In 2010, nearly 330 million cases of wine were sold in the US,” said David Boyer, CEO of Major Fifth, Inc “of which approximately 90% were priced under $25 per bottle. Until now, there’s been virtually no information available to guide consumers in the search for better wine in this price range. Casual wine drinkers often rely on nothing more than a guess, buying wine based on how the label looks or other undependable indicators of quality. Better Wine Guide changes all of this by creating invaluable information about the wines people drink most. Our scores and tasting notes about these wines are uncomplicated and accessible. And Better Wine Guide intentionally keeps the number of wines in its database manageable because we don’t think that anyone should have to sift through 500,000+ wine notes to find a good bottle of wine.”

One of the many user-friendly features of the app is its barcode scanning technology, which allows the user to scan a bottle to pull up scores and tasting notes about that particular wine. Scanning the barcode eliminates the awkward alternative of having to correctly enter all of the wine label information manually into a search engine.

Other key functionality of the app includes:

• a flexible and powerful search feature allows users to find wines based on a particular budget, type, or other user-selectable criteria

• a searchable function that keeps track of wines the user has tried

• a feature that allows users to score wines they buy, write their own tasting notes, and store them for reference

• user scores are unanimously averaged into Community scores, which are displayed along with Better Wine Guide scores

• a function to keep track of wines the user may be interested in buying in the future

Because most people set a maximum amount they are willing to spend on a bottle of wine, Better Wine Guide lets the user search for wine in five different price categories, ranging between under $5, up to $25 per bottle, all in $5 increments. Accordingly a user can find better wine in any price range under $25. All scores are based on five stars and every wine is scored within its own price category in order to fairly to compare wines in the same price range.

All wines in Better Wine Guide were purchased from retailers and were tasted blind (not knowing what the wine was or who made it) by Boyer, who is a long-time wine collector, connoisseur, and wine writer. Better Wine Guide is entirely independent from any company or influence in the wine trade. The service will update its wine database constantly throughout the year as wineries release new vintages and in response to its user community.

“There’s a huge sea of wine out there and finding good wine is never easy but Better Wine Guide takes the guesswork out of choosing better wine,” Boyer commented. “We’re really excited to help people explore wine and discover new favorites. That’s what this app is all about”.

Better Wine Guide is available for iPhone 3GS, and 4 in Apple’s iTunes Store for $4.99, which includes free updates in functionality and wine data for one year.

About Better Wine Guide:

Better Wine Guide is owned by Major Fifth, Inc and is dedicated to helping people discover, learn, and enjoy better wine. and

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