Bicycle game for the iPhone: Bike Joust

BikeClub Games’ Tall Bike Joust Released on Apple iTunes Store

BikeClub Games’ Tall Bike Joust (TBJ) introduces iPhone and iPod Touch gamers to a new experience in extreme sports within the international underground subculture of mutant bicycle clubs, putting them in the rider’s seat as they compete in jousting tournaments on tricked-out freak bikes within a
complex 3-D fighting platform.

TBJ goes beyond simple mobile device games as players use strategy and skill to compete in the uniquely fierce world of tall bike jousting. Delivering the ultimate in 3-D action gaming with first person, one-on-one combat jousting featuring spectacular body blows and dismantling wipeouts, TBJ allows gamers to craft characters’ competitive capabilities while exposing them to extreme terrains and conditions that make each joust more challenging than the last. Players compete in quick jousts and longer tournament battles to increase their ability to defeat opponents in their quest to become the World Champion. Leader boards, achievements and chat room forums through OpenFeint connect the player to Facebook and Twitter to post his or her rank and announce who’s currently jousting.

As Players face off against BikeClub opponents, they quickly realize the complexities of the game are far beyond hand-eye coordination. To be the best, a challenger must customize their TBJ character whose survival requires BikeClub essentials to aid in victory. Game play strategy comes in the form of managing a character’s Heart meter and attribute points such as Power, Speed and Guard. Winning a Quick Joust or Tournament round earns players attribute points and grants access to customized gear, such as lance attachments, body armor, padding and bike parts that fortify both the player and his or her bike.

TBJ features six different post-apocalyptic cityscapes: Joust in Brooklyn under the BQE; Minneapolis in snow and ice; Reno with punishing sand and sun; New Orleans surrounded by a post-Katrina French Quarter; Hong Kong’s back alley; and Amsterdam, the bicycle capital of the world. Each tournament has three rounds and, true to all tall bike jousting challenges, players can choose their opponents. Beat the tournament defender to become the regional champion and unlock other tournament locations. The supreme confrontation is to joust Doyle, the Official Tall Bike Jousting Champion of the World, to secure the top spot and achieve eternal fame.

TBJ was inspired by the indie cult film B.I.K.E., chronicling Black Label Bike Club and their legendary         tall bike jousting exhibitions: The game is expected to have an international following with fans from mutant bike clubs to the gaming and biking communities. The next generation of TBJ will be peer-to-peer jousting; future BikeClub Games apps are in development.

Award-winning Fountainhead Films partnered with Curious Pictures to bring fantasy documentary entertainment to the gaming world by teaming up with a producer of The Beatles™ Rock Band™. Utilizing a custom-built, 3-D iPhone engine, BikeClub Games’ TBJ displays motion-capture data taken directly from Tall Bike Jousting Champion Ryan Doyle, while Curious Pictures developed a proprietary animation system that allows for true-to-life attacks, hits, spills and recoveries.

The app is now available on the iTunes Store at

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