BIG WORLD travel planner for iPad

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Category: Travel
Current Version:
Language: English
Rated: 4+
Requirements: Compatible with the iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Description: BIG WORLD, by Big Hill Software LLC, is the ultimate travel organizer and navigation tool fused into one incredible iPad app! BIG WORLD is a location-aware, GPS-enabled app that allows you to create custom travel guides containing locations of your choosing from all over the world. You can find locations to add to your custom guides from any of the following sources:

* Search on pre-defined categories, or on user-entered text, based either near you, near another location of your choice, near the center of the displayed map, or anywhere without restriction.
* Contacts.
* Locations from other guides you’ve created.
* Your current location.
* The center of the displayed portion of the map on the screen.
* Wherever you choose to browse and tap on the map.

You can literally add locations for any reason, anywhere in the world. But guides aren’t merely for travel. You can create guides for any reason you can imagine; here are some great ideas for guides:

* My Hawaii Vacation
* Best Restaurants in Phoenix
* Our team’s football season
* Restaurants Featured on TV
* Coffee Shops with Free Wifi
* Great Local Parks for Kids
* Places I’ve Lived
* Favorite Fishing Holes
* Business Clients
* This Week’s Deliveries
* Where I Went Today
* Places I Want to Visit
* Favorite Shopping Places
* My College Campus Locations

And these great guides and/or individual locations can be shared with friends, family, and work associates over email, which will send them map URLs for all locations, so that they too can enjoy these great places you’ve found.

This richly-featured app doesn’t stop with merely finding and organizing locations into guides, but it allows you to navigate to any of these locations in an amazing compass mode, which visually tracks your current location, proximity to your other guide locations, and rotates the map based upon your directional heading. It turns your iPad into a GPS navigator for your guide! Latitude, longitude, and altitude for locations is available, and locations without addresses are reverse-geocoded to find the nearest address. BIG WORLD does the work for you.







Where you go with this app is only limited by your imagination. Where will you go? After all, it’s a BIG WORLD!!!

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