Blackberry Storm VS the iPhone

Ok, if you have been watching the news lately you are aware that the Blackberry response to the iPhone is about to hit the market.  The Blackberry response is called the Storm and offers a touch screen interface like the iPhone, but will it fall short of real competition like the G1 and other recent “iPhone killers”

Here is a quick run down on the specs for the two phones:

Storm VS iPhone specs

Storm VS iPhone specs

At first glance at these stats it looks like the storm will finally push the iPhone in terms of performance, battery life, and “cool factor”.

The first glaring weakness that jumps out at you for the Storm is it’s lack of Wifi.  I don’t know about you but I use the wifi feature on my iPhone all the time.  I have access to wifi at home, work, and a lot of the restaurants I frequent.  Given the hit or miss reliability of the AT&T 3g network I only use 3g when there is no other option.  For me personally that is a show stopper and a crippling weakness of the Storm.

The Blackberry screen is also slightly smaller 3.2 inches verses 3.5 inches.  .3 inches is not much on a full size monitor but every pixel counts on a small screen like this.  They offer the same pixel count so the two screens will have the same room for content only slightly smaller on the Storm.

Ok, so enough bashing of the Storm, what makes it a potential iPhone killer?

How about tactile feedback from the screen, cut and paste, longer battery life, expandable memory, and a 3.2 mega pixel camera with video support?  That’s enough to make Apple haters rejoice, now if it just came in brown they would really have something to hang their hat on.

Pricing is rumored to be $199.00 with a new contract (30 years to life).

The real question for the Storm is what Apple has come to realize with the iPhone, content is King!  Since the release of the iPhone there have been thousands of apps released for it, movies can be purchased or rented, music is all over the place and easy to access.

Will the Storm be able to keep pace and provide such a tidal wave of new apps for the Storm? Only time will tell, I may have to see if is available so I can ride the wave too.  ;)

iPhone VS Storm what do you think?

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