Blogpress by CLT Studios: Update and manage your blog with your iPhone

Ease of use?
The app is very simple and well designed, before you start you register your blog/blogs and then you are introduced to the app. You have the write option, you also have the settings and draft manager which is very handy for saving posts whilst writing another post for a different blog. To write a new post is very easy, you pick the blog you want to write to, then you give the blog post a title, then write and publish it.

Photo Feature
The app boasts a stand out photo feature, which enables you to add your photos in to your blogposts. Sadly since the IOS4 update this feature has stopped working, and now just crashes the app. We contacted CLT Studios and they were utter useless and got back 2 weeks late with advice that did not help at all. A month after the OS4 update we still have not got a app update and no updates on the apps website.

This app originally worked great on OS3 but now the photo feature has gone, it really hits home just how dull and boring this app is designed, it just shows it is no more than the free wordpress app, other than supporting a few more platforms and multiple blog support, in exchange for a hefty price tag.

Price £1.79

•Works with almost every blogging service (typepad, wordpress, blogger,etc)
•Photo Support upload photos with your blog posts
•Post to multiple blogs
•Emoji keyboard support

This app gets *** out of 5

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