Blogtouch the professional way to control WordPress websites

Blogtouch – for WordPress
The professional way to write, amend or create posts, articles or Pages within a or self hosted WordPress website. Insert pictures from either Dropbox or the iPad library into your posts.  Choose from a list of creative fonts, and style them with a colour picker. Blogtouch writes in html but with help from a fully featured formatting bar you can apply links to text, or add bold, italic, paragraphs or bulleted lists and more to give you ultimate control over your posts content.

Create on-line or local drafts (incremental saves) to keep your posts available for amending until ready to publish. We have included our own simple mini-browser which also doubles up to preview your posts – so you can see how they look before publishing.

Other features include:
• Create new Categories & Tags or choose from existing ones from your website.
• View comments from your website, which include ‘Pending’, ‘Post Specific’ or ‘All comments’. Mark and remove spam comments, or authorise pending comments if your blog is set up this way.
• Create new pages or amend existing ones
• Post specific date for publish
• Push your posts to Twitter or Facebook as you publish your posts
• Add your location to posts

Simply the best way to control the content of WordPress websites.


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