BloXor is an extremely fun puzzle-solving game. Utilizing the accelerometer, players tilt their iPhone to organize three blocks (an O, X and O). The goal of the game is to arrange the blocks in that specific order, and as the game progresses each level proves increasingly challenging and fun.

From the use of holes in the ground to barriers in the way, BloXor proves to be a challenging and interesting puzzle game. Eventually players must utilize other moving blocks, bombs and cracks in the floor to connect the three main blocks.

The levels are scored by the time and amounts of tilts it takes for you to finish. When you pass level 15, 5 levels at a time get opened up for you. That way, if you end up getting stuck on a level you can just move on and come back later. With over 70 levels, the game proves to be an expansive and varied puzzle game well worth the money.

Pros: Good use of accelerometer, great variety, challenging

Cons: N/A

Bottom Line: BloXor is a sharp, accessible puzzle game with a plethora of levels and variety to boot. Well worth the low price, I’d advise checking out BloXor for some quick, painless fun.

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