Board Cam: The best document camera app for iPad 2

Board Cam transforms the iPad 2 in a document camera or a whiteboard. The user can use fully customizable pointers, labels or draw over the video image of the device’s camera, over a whiteboard or over an image selected from the device’s photo album. Thanks to the video mirroring feature of the iPad 2 all this can be projected or shown on a screen. But Board Cam is not only a presentation app it also can record everything that the user does on the screen together with any explanation because also records audio. Also the user can save his workspace for later user and change among workspaces even during video recording.

This app is unique in the market because no other includes the document camera function and very few offer the video recording and workspace saving features. On the other hand, Board Cam includes many of the features found in whiteboard apps and other presentation oriented apps.

To see an example of what can be done with Board Cam, watch the following video:

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