Bobblers: Help these nice creatures to return home

PigTail Games is pleased to announce Bobblers 1.0, its latest iOS game which is now available on Apple’s AppStore.

The Bobblers are a nice and friendly bunch of creatures who love travelling the universe. Just one problem… They get lost easily. The player must help the Bobblers evade traps, risk life and limb and face the void of space to get them home in one piece.

Get through 40 increasingly difficult levels without vanishing, using the environment to reach the goal.

How to play
Simple but engaging mechanic:

* Stretch the Bobbler and throw it to the next platform.
* The goal of the game is to get the Bobbler to the end using the least amount of throws as possible.
* Bobblers get smaller after each shot.


* 40 increasingly difficult levels.
* Engaging physics gameplay.
* Scores for each level.
* Crazy traps and obstacles.
* A challenging and friendly game for everyone.
* Upcoming content.

In this version only two planets have been found out. Planets 3 and 4 will be free via future updates.

About PigTail Games
Based in Spain, PigTail Games is an indie developer, only one person is behind this project. Bobblers is the second game released in the AppStore. The first one was ZombieSlide, which was published in November last year. PigTail Games is currently working on new projects and improving both games already launched. A new game is expected to be released before the year ends.

More info about this game:
Gameplay video:

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