Bomba: An explosive and addictive Aztec-themed puzzle game.

Bomba has been released as a Full and a free Lite version available for both Android and iOS.

The Full version currently features 45 levels with five unique environments and challenging strategic gameplay. Use different bombs to manoeuvre the blocks and carefully navigate treacherous moving platforms to bring the glowing Power Ball safely to rest. Watch out for the fragile stone idols and pre-set bombs that could bring everything crashing down in entirely the wrong way!

3… 2… 1… Bomba!

“As addictive as Angry Birds but without the adverts.”

“Good looking addictive game with great use of dynamics.”

“Love it! Levels start easy then go nuts!”

“I get obsessed to complete all levels with the best rank… that was what I did in Angry Birds and I hope to do in Bomba.”

Bomba - GamesLabApps

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