Bombalaa: eye-hand coordination game for iPhone

Now available on iPhone App Store

Bombalaa is a fun and addictive game aims to work out your eye-hand coordination, reflection and sensitivity to numbers, colors, shapes and directions. Once the game is started, you can feel your brain, your eyes and your hands are having a roller coaster ride at the same time.

The game play is simple and intuitive, with a phone-like key pad as the main game control, different “questions” will keep popping out and player has to hit the right “bombs” as quick as possible.

A typical game experience would be like this:

  • Your brain analyses the question, which can be a pure color or a simple arithmetic questions
  • Your eyes look for the right answer bomb(s), as they will be shuffled for every question
  • Your hand dismantle the bomb as quick as possible before it explodes!

There are some also extra twists to add extra fun to the game. During the game, 4 special effects will randomly added to the questions:

  • Freeze: which gives you extra time to solve, find and hit.
  • Half: which eliminates half of the wrong answers
  • Reverse: which shows all the answer up-side-down
  • Invisible: which makes the answer fade out and disappear, so you have even less time to find the answer.

There are 4 themes of questions: Numbers and Directions, which are controlled by our left brain, and Colors and Shapes, reflected by our right brian. So this game is also a fun way of profiling your brain’s strength and weakness.

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