Bombalaa supports multiplayer mode via bluetooth

The new multiplayer option really brings out the best of Bombalaa. It is no longer a solo eye-brain-hands practice anymore, its a race against time and your competitors!

The Multiplayer option allows up to 4 players competing against each other. Each player will be playing with the own phone, and the game is linked up over bluetooth connection. Same questions will be popped out for all players, and who dismantles the bomb first will get the score.

It is gonna be the best multiplayer game for the Xmas and New Year, and a must have for the holiday parties!

Bombalaa is a reflection speed test which gonna stretch out the whole of your brain.


Basic brain anatomy: our right brain controls the sense of colors and shapes, while our left brain controls the sense of arithmetic and directions. So Bombalaa is a fun way to “work-out” our brain in these four areas.

***Game Play***

There are 4 different game themes: Numbers, Directions, Colors and Shapes, and each game theme consists of a series of questions, which require player to response in a quick time or otherwise the bombs will get exploded.

Questions will get more tricky, and don’t let it break your nerve!

***Game Themes***

Numbers: consists of simple numbers, arithmetic and formulas
Directions: simple directions, treasure hunting, and getting around city traffic
Colors: consists of more than 100 different color combinations
Shapes: consists of more than 100 different shapes combinations

***Special Twists***

There will be 4 special twists to make the game more interesting, which can either give you extra advantage or extra challenges.

Invisible: with all answers slowly fade out
Reverse: answers showing up-side-down
Freeze: gives player extra time to think
Half: take out half of the answer bombs

Bombalaa: Demo video

Bombalaa: App Store URL

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