Bonnie’s Brunch: Game for iPhone and iPad

Bonnie’s Brunch is really a simulation/strategy game on App Store since June tenth, 2011 for iPhone, iPad, and ipod device Touch.

Within three days following the release, Bonnie’s Brunch has rated Top 1 Simulation/Strategy Game in 6 nations and Top Ten Compensated App in five nations.

Ever imagined of running your personal food truck? Or visiting the places you’ve always imagined about?

Here’s the storyline of Bonnie, a youthful vibrant-eyed girl, having a talent to cook along with a passion for travel and adventure. One fateful birthday, her grandfather presented her having a gift that combined her two passions. A brunch truck! And thus started her dream adventure, traveling around the globe with one brunch place at any given time.

Wish to help Bonnie to prepare her scrumptious brunch special offers? Wish to meet interesting people world wide? Let us begin with Bonnie and begin the brunch truck journey together!

- A simple to play food making dash game
- Fun filled sections with 50 levels
- Fun and simple game play with story style lessons
- Diverse food creation and interesting levels challenging your speed and precision
- Meet interesting people and go distant metropolitan areas
- Not to mention, prepare up some brunch!

- This game idea came from from your aspirations to visit world wide to determine the planet. With this particular as our platform, the story easily developed. We completely loved our day-to-day growth and development of the game where we’d the chance to go to different nations online from your work stations.

- Through numerous glasses of coffee and also over 50 develops throughout development later, we finally obtain the game done and proud to provide out product.

- We now have used a multitude of game testers in the age range of 6 to 60 years of age. An iPad was adopted for simpler game interface for that senior testers.

- From your female testers, we received plenty of positive feedback. We required this as an indication of our capability to create an entertaining game along with a progression within the right direction for Funny Lab.

Funny Lab is really a Taiwan-based outsourcing company supplying top-quality art production services towards the video game industry.

Established in 2002 in Taipei, Funny Lab is among the major companies of outsourced production services in Taiwan. Our core team people have over 20 years of professional encounters within the gamindustry. Funny Lab provides top-quality digital art production including concept art design, modeling, texturing, and animation designs. Our customers are major video game galleries worldwide.

While outsourcing services are growing, we believe there’s still military services weapons piece to become filled to accomplish our game-loving-heart. After a period of preparation and experimentation, we feel it is now time- we will be ready to create our very own games! In the finish of 2010, we partnered with Monkey Concoction, began to build up our first Iphone game – Bonnie’s Brunch.

With Bonnie’s Brunch, we would like not just in share an excellent game with the gamers all over the world but additionally tell your friends that there’s a little game dev team who create games using their heart & souls.

We do hope you will love and love Bonnie’s Brunch around we all do. :)

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