Bookmark + get more control over your iPhone music

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Bookmark + was created so you can control your music easily. Instead of fumbling with small buttons when running or driving, you can control your position in a song and add bookmarks with a slide of your finger. Bookmarks hold your place for you and let you easily jump back to a point in, for example, a podcast that you wanted to remember.

The default controls are:
- Swipe to the right will jump 30 seconds ahead
- Swipe to the left will jump back 15 seconds
- Swipe down will add a bookmark
- Swipe up will show bookmarks and settings
- A two finger swipe left and right will jump between songs

But with Bookmark +, every swipe gesture is customizable, and the control system is intuitive and easy to learn.

Forget to look at a bookmark before you took the podcast off? You can easily email yourself the bookmarks and look them up on your computer.

Features include:
- Intuitive single and double finger swipe controls – no looking required!
- Every swipe is customizable*
- View the time remaining or time elapsed
- Create an instant playlist of any items in your library (including podcasts and audiobooks)
- Email yourself the bookmarks
- Graphics designed for the retina display

*Swiping upwards will always show the bookmarks and can’t be changed.

Built by Ryan Mathews at Blue Shirt Labs. Problems or requests? Feel free to contact me at or visit to see more.

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