BooksVirtual for iPhone and iPad

The BooksVirtual app for iPhone and iPad is a free reading app for iOS. While the options for the reading environment are somewhat basic in comparison to some of the other reading apps in the App Store it does have some really nice features that make the reading more enjoyable.

You can flip, scroll or auto scroll pages while you are reading. You can choose from a couple of different page background colors and infinite level of brightness when viewing the pages of the books. You can instantly go to any page number with a simple tap. One really nice feature is the ability to share some of your favorite books via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Since all books available in the BooksVirtual app are free, there are no copyright issues to be concerned about when sharing your favorite books.

Upon downloading the app on your iOS device you will be required to sign up for an account through the app or at Registration is free and is completed with a minimal amount of fuss. Once your account is activated you are free to begin downloading books to your device. The BooksVirtual web site is a great option to browse for reading materials on a much bigger screen than the iPhone offers.

Books can be browsed by category, date published, and author. There are a lot of great categories of books on the site as well. Some of my favorite categories are military, science, and hobbies. I am sure there will be a category to satisfy most users. Books can be downloaded in English, Turkish, and Chinese.

If you are a budding writer and are looking for an outlet to release some of your writings you can upload your own materials to the web site. Once uploaded you can track your books and see how many downloads they have received and see comments from readers of your material. BooksVirtual offers a great way for starting authors to get their stories in front of a larger audience.

The app provides a lot of material considering it is all available at no cost to the end user. Some things that could make the reading experience a little better are margins around the pages of the books and options to allow the reader to adjust the font size. Some font is a little small for reading on an iPhone. Overall I consider BooksVirtual a decent app that could be made much better with a few refinements, but for the price (free) it is certainly worth your time if you are interested in reading classics or self published materials from other users.

BooksVirtual was developed by Tim Greenland.

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