Box of Sox

Sure my iPhone makes calls, but I use it more like technological Ritalin – able to distract this toddler with a new shiny object the moment life gets the slightest bit tedious. Stopped at a red light? Check email! Waiting for the subway? I’ll put a mustache on a picture of my wife! Prarie doggin it? Instapaper to the rescue!

The one thing I’m not really into are big platform games that’ve been shrunken down to fit my phone. I’m not looking for an iXBox i360 in my iPocket, I want a shiny ball to chase until I can regain my composure. Which is why I LOVE Box of Sox. With perfect graphics & a simple, simple, simple premise, Box of Sox is a perfect casual game that erases all moments of tedium.

The game is as such – socks are tumbling out of a dryer & you’ve got to make matching pairs. There’s a set of five up at the top that need to be found & paired before you can move on to the next level. Socks slowly pile up on the floor & you’re done once all the spots are filled. Sounds simple because it is. It’s a matching game. In fact, it’s a lot like actual laundry! Just with less sweat stains.

The graphics are truly phenomenal. Instead of jagged pixels, you get crisp vector art which ups the quality of the whole game. I was seriously amazed at the diversity & designs the devs managed to come up with in socks. The only downside is the music. The tunes are as horrible as the graphics are stunning. Does that make sense?

New levels bring new matching situations. So, the first few levels are easier, because the top row of socks are all of the same style. It gets truly difficult when the order gets erased and the random socks start to blend together. I’m also sure the game gets pissed when you don’t finish quick enough. It’s like it sees the pairs and wonders how you – a stupid inefficient human – could possibly miss them.

This isn’t (insert name of hotttest, most realistic FPS), but for 99 pennies, it is a great way to entertain yourself when – OOH – SHINY!

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