BOYCOTT EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA refers to an iPhone app, not a personal problem that I may or may not have on a daily basis. I’m asking everyone who reads this to boycott this app and BarnacleJive Software in general.

The app itself is nothing to get excited about… tap the screen to make a fart noise and that’s about it. Here’s the problem: if you want to change the fart to one of the other five lame sound effects you have to tap the “info” icon which is very strategically placed on top of an ad.

I don’t know if Apple SDK restricts the placement of that icon (doubt it), but even if they do there’s already an ad at the top of this loser app, and there doesn’t need to be another one at the bottom. I generally try to avoid using any true “swear” words on this site, but putting the info icon on top of an ad is a shitty practice that I truly hope doesn’t become an App Store trend and, frankly, I think it should be banned by Apple. I don’t blame BarnacleJive Software for wanting to make a buck on this freebie, but the blatant overlapping of ad and function is grounds for boycott in my book.

Interestingly, the screenshot of this app in the iTunes App Store doesn’t show an advertisement at the bottom of the screen, it only shows the info icon. Deceptive and intentional? Looks like it to me.

And it gets better… BarnacleJive has two other fart apps on the market: I Luv to iFart and iFart Alert, clearly named to piggyback on iFart Mobile’s popularity. Functionally, both are carbon copies of Explosive Diarrhea (but with different screen images) and both use the same icon-ad overlap.

(stepping high onto my soapbox now)

Developers, nobody minds if you want to cash in on the Fart Craze, but I think I can speak for most when I say that engaging in this kind of practice is simply UNACCEPTABLE. Everyone hates websites that trick users into false ad clicks and the same holds true for iPhone content.

Readers, please join me in boycotting everything made by BarnacleJive Software until they change their ways. It’s a shame, too, because they seem to be building a decent catalog of non-BS iPhone titles.

If you’re one of the people at BarnacleJive and you decide that it’s just not worth getting this kind of “buzz”, please send me an update when the ads and info icons are completely separated and I’ll post the update for you on this site.

See the bottom right corner... that overlap is obviously intentional and, imo, a very bad move on the developer's part

See the bottom right corner… that overlap is obviously intentional and, imo, a VERY bad move on the developer's part

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