Breaking The Block: An App to Help Overcome Writer’s Block

Breaking the Block, iPhone App Breaks Out New Writing Prompts for Writers

Breaking the Block is a new iPhone app for writers from Thad Apps. It helps struggling writers by generating fresh ideas with the touch of a finger. Breaking the Block includes ideas for characters, settings, first lines, and plot lines. Also included in the $.99 price is Chance, which has all of the 400 +prompts in one button.

Thad Apps announces their new app, Breaking the Block, currently available on iTunes for $.99. The goal of the app is to assist struggling writers with an easy user interface to get to ideas quickly and easily. The app is user friendly with five buttons each will take the writer to prompts. The five buttons are Basis (first lines), Cases (Plot lines), Faces (Characters), Places (Setting) and Chance (all categories). Thad apps original goal was to help writers get out of writers block in a simple yet effective way. One reviewer of the app, KentLL, stated, “While the interface is simple, it doesn’t need to be fancy. And the bottom line is that this app does exactly what it is supposed to do.”


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