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Soccer City Mania – 2010 World Cup Quiz

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Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comBrian Venge, a South African soccer enthusiast now living in the UK, today announced today the release of Soccer City Mania – 2010 World Cup Quiz, an iPhone App for the upcoming 2010 World Cup. This one of a kind App is positioned primarily to generate interest, excitement & relevant knowledge about the world cup finals being hosted in South Africa from 11 June to 11 July 2010.

A fun app suitable for soccer fans of all age groups, users will swiftly acquire relevant trivia and facts about the beautiful game in a beautiful country and use this to brag to friends in the pub, at home with family or at work with colleagues.

With most world cup iPhone apps available today being a world cup score predictor, news feed reader or live score monitor, Soccer City Mania is a new offering, quenching the thirst for soccer lovers and fans of the 32 qualified nations who need a boost of world cup related information. As the world cup momentum builds, whoever knows more, will command more attention and therefore more listening time in conversations.

“I have no doubt South Africa will produce a cracking world cup for the world to feast on. This world cup like no other deserves an app like no other. I saw a great opportunity to enlarge every soccer fan’s knowledge about South Africa in a world cup context. After all, it’s an entire 31 days that very few people will be able to ignore. The more people know, the more they’ll enjoy the tournament this summer”, said app developer Brian.

The Soccer City Mania – 2010 World Cup Quiz features:

-          Multiple choice answers for each question.

-          Questions ranging from host cities & stadium facts, qualified teams, world cup stats and South Africa in general.

-          Only 1st time correct answers count to score a player the Goals needed to win the game

-          A player has 10 seconds to select an answer or risk being “Timed Out”.

-          Incorrect answers result in a “Yellow Card” warning if it’s a first attempt, or a “Red Card” and marching orders = Game Over, at the second attempt.

-          Correct answers at the 2nd attempt merely allow a player to proceed to next question without adding to the Goal tally.

-          To win the game, a Player needs to score 10 Goals.

-          Questions progressively become more challenging as the Goal tally approaches 10.

-          Over 100 quality questions have been carefully chosen to ensure a random batch of questions is available for every attempt so players can attempt to finish the game several times.

-          Thumping African rhythms and graphics put you in the right mood for the summer festival.

The official Soccer City Mania website is packed with additional content including travel and safety tips for football fans lucky enough to travel to South Africa plus a bonus “behind the scenes” story of how Soccer City Mania came about.

We strongly recommend spending a few minutes each day playing Soccer City Mania as a sure way to turbo boost one’s World Cup Excite-O-Meter .

Bring it On!!

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