Bro Lifeline: The Funny but Helpful Wingman App for Guys

Los Angeles, CA – Want a wingman in your pocket? “There’s an app for that.” TechiXoft, the newest contender in the mobile app arena recently released an app called the “Bro Lifeline.” Available in the Apple App Store, the app assists guys (or at the very least, give them a good laugh) as they go through challenging or awkward situations when it comes to dating and beyond.

Bro Lifeline is loaded with fake background sounds, pick-up lines, pep talks, and excuses that are all designed to help guys out. Moreover, the app has a built-in sharing capability that lets users easily send the content via email or SMS.

Fake Background Sounds
The fake background noises feature of Bro Lifeline simulates sounds of different locations, such as being stuck in traffic, in a train station, in the bathroom, having car trouble, and more. This also encourages users to let their buddies download the app, so that his friends can help him get out of an awkward phone call. If he happens to be in a place that he’s not supposed to, he can just let one his friends play one of the sounds using his phone so that the unwanted (but necessary call) can be taken care of.

Pick Up Lines
Bro Lifeline is loaded with pick up lines from four categories: funny, sweet, safe, and dirty. Users can simply pick a category, and generate pick up lines with a tap of a button, or by shaking their phone. They can even text or email the lines to their friends.

Pep Talks
The pep talk feature of Bro Lifeline is made for guys (or guys who have friends) that are going through a breakup, can’t talk to a girl, or getting married. By tapping a button or shaking their phone, users will be able to generate words of encouragement to help him (or his friends) get through difficult situations.

The app can also generate excuses and alibis for certain sticky situations, including getting out of a speeding ticket, being late or absent for work, and alibis to avoid a bad date.

Partnerships with Fan Pages
According to John Nicasio, CEO of TechiXoft, the inspiration for the app is Barney Stinson, a fictional character in the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Motivated by Stinson’s antics as a wingman or “bro” to his male friends in the show, the developers at TechiXoft decided to create an app that would serve as a wingman.

In line with this, TechiXoft has partnered up popular How I Met Your Mother fan pages on Facebook, including Barney Stinson’s Only Rule, Bro Code Inc, and Mr. Awesome. “We knew that Bro Lifeline will really speak to the fans of the show, so we decided to team up with How I Met Your Mother fan pages so that we can reach out to Barney Stinson fanatics” said Nicasio. The company decided to target them specifically because these are individuals who will appreciate the app the most.

To further promote Bro Lifeline, TechiXoft is giving away a prize package consisting of three books authored by Barney Stinson. In a contest called The Ultimate Bro Giveaway, one lucky person will take home The Bro Code, Bro on the Go, and The Playbook simply by liking the TechiXoft Facebook page. However, entrants can also increase their chances of winning by downloading and rating the Bro Lifeline app on their smartphone. Individuals who wish to participate can do so by visiting The Ultimate Bro Giveaway page at

TechiXoft will be providing promo codes to the first 20 individuals that respond to this press release. Kindly send an email to to request the code.

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