Bubbling Math: Your children will love practicing math

Bubbling Math is great educational app for iPad and Mac aimed on first to five graders. As there are many math apps on the market, Bubbling Math is choosing completely different approach – it is a game which makes solving math tasks so entertaining that your children may have problem stop playing or ,in the other words, practising “boring” math.

One of the key aspects of Bubbling Math, which will surely appreciate all the parents and even teachers is that there is special section for them in which they have the possibly to precisely set up what math task will their child practise and see the result. There is possibility to setup four different difficulty levels for every math operation like additions, subtractions, multiplication and division as well as overall speed of the game. Parents can also view all tasks, that were incorrectly answered and review them with children.

Bubbling math was developed in cooperation with teachers to ensure that it will suit all children with different math levels.

The gameplay is very easy and it will not make any problems for your children to get into the game. For math task shown you have to tap on the bubble carrying the right answer.

When answered correctly, you are awarded with points, cups and of course with new levels. On the other hand when you tap on wrong bubble you are losing one heart.

Bubbling Math contains 9 levels with cute graphic and nice sounds and music and there is iPad and Mac version available on App store for $1.99.


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