Buffalo Haze: a game to save a species

GooMoss Launches Buffalo Haze, Trail Blazing a New Mobile Gaming Genre
Boise, ID August 19, 2011 — GooMoss, a Boise company, starts a new category of game play with Buffalo Haze, an iPhone game just released. While herding tasks have existed in other games, like when you must herd goats in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, this may be the first game to fully realize its potential.

The game is played from the perspective of a wildlife manager tasked with hazing bison back into Yellowstone before time runs out. If a player cannot successfully herd the animals back into the park, a helicopter gunship appears and slaughters the herd. The gameʼs herding mechanic is unique amongst over 70,000 games in the App Store. “Herding games could be the new tower defense,” says Graham Carter of GooMoss, “and I think Buffalo Haze pulls it off extremely well.”

The game has a personal and thoughtful feel to it. The western styled music and high resolution graphics make the app feel well rounded and thought out. Character movements feel natural and the levels progress nicely to the point of difficult, but not impossible. This is a good game to pick up and play for 5 minutes on your lunch break.

The game may make hazing bison seem fun, but the app is quick to point out the problems with hazing policies. “Buffalo hazing is a cruel government policy and I hope Buffalo Haze sheds some light on an issue that has tormented a majestic American species,” says Graham Carter.
The app is available on the iTunes App Store as of August 19th for $0.99. Buffalo Haze Lite, a free version, is also available.

For images, additional information or a free download code contact: Graham Carter GooMoss (208) 991-2278

GooMoss was started in 2011 as a mobile application development company. Graham Carter, the companyʼs founder, has successfully sold over 1 million apps in Appleʼs iTunes App Store.

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