Bugz from Didev Studios is hilariously simple. In fact, it may even be the only game in the iTunes App Store that you don’t even need hands to play! You only need to tap the screen once per round, so you could use whatever body part you want… your toe, your elbow, your nipple, or some other appendage :mrgreen: …it’s really a refreshing change from the tap-til-your-finger-falls-off genre of mobile touch gaming.

In each level you have a goal, and you get one shot at tapping the screen at the right time to achieve that goal. When you tap, a bubble grows and then shrinks away, and any “bugz” that touch the bubble will pop and form their own bubble, and bugz that touch those bubbles will pop, and so on, and so on.

That’s pretty much all there is to it! Difficulty increases by requiring you to pop more and more bugz, popping specific bugz, and adding obstacles such as floating flowers that slow down bugz they collide with.

The first 17 levels are all pretty easy except for levels 15-17 where you need to pop all or nearly all of the bugz on the screen. Same goes for levels 18-34. After that, timing suddenly becomes something you have to really think about on a regular basis, and things only get harder from there.

Bugz is extremely cute and nicely done, and you can listen to iPod music during the game if you go to the iPhone settings screen to turn off the sound. It comes equipped with a global high score board and multiple players can create new “profiles” for storing scores and game progress.

I think it’s definitely worth a dollar, and like most new-ish games in the App Store it’s being offered at an “introductory price” although the non-intro price isn’t stated. If you’re looking for the casual-est of the casual games, Bugz is worth trying.

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