Burney- Guide the orb of fire on its way to freedom!

Burney, the addictive, story-driven platform puzzler is updated and free for 96 hours (from July 7th) to show the world how awesome the game actually is to play. The updated version of the hit game features new controls and redesigned levels, offering hundreds of hours of mind-bending fun.

In Burney, you get to guide a cool-oozing-radioactive-on-the-run ball of fire (what’s cooler than that?), on its way to freedom while navigating various levels that offer challenge and fun. Moving Burney around is done using a set of arrow keys, and the challenge lies in making sure Burney’s flaming tail doesn’t ruin the precious platforms used to bounce around. Scorched Earth is bad in Burney!

”We wanted to bring Burney to as many players as possible,” said Shimi Elimelech, CEO of KDS Investments. “By launching the updated version of the game for free, we’re unleashing Burney on the world, in an uncanny parallel to the amusing story depicted in the game.”

Along with a eye-catching background artwork, this refurbished version comes with improved interface and game-flow and a 96-hour window free download frenzy, compatible with iPod touch and iPad.

About Burney

A worldwide secret organization assembled a science team in order to create an endless source of energy. The lab experiment, however, resulted in the creation of a small orb of fire named “Burney” that jumped out of its container on its way to freedom. The revolutionary event forced the secret organization to take drastic measures in order to keep the experiment away out of the public eye. So it unleashed some of its previous creations to extinguish the tricky fireball.

Help “Burney” venture through three spectacular zones, consisting of 45 levels without getting trapped. Collect combustible items to keep your flame burning and pick up metal pieces and tools to level up. Don’t forget to watch your fuel-meter!

• Comic-book style intro
• 3 various zones and 45 exciting levels
• Entertaining and challenging puzzles and addictive gameplay
• Impressive fiery explosions
• Stunning HD graphics and high-quality sounds

Use clever strategies to burn through everything on your way and get your gold cup!

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