Business Apps for your iPhone: a list of 100

Here is a list of 100 Apps for your business.  These apps are grouped by category and contain a link to the iTunes Store.  If you have others to add to the list, leave a comment.


  1. iTimeSheet: Track the time you spend on certain projects so that you’re billable hours report is accurate.
  2. QuickBooks Online: This mobile version of QuickBooks will work on Apple phones.
  3. iTarget: With iTarget, you can organize your target earnings and growth.
  4. iSpend: Track business and travel expenses with this app.
  5. Accept Credit Cards: Use your iPhone to run credit cards with this app.
  6. MileBug: Keep track of mileage used on business trips and on company hours with this tool.
  7. iPhone: This basic budgeting program now works on the iPhone.
  8. Financer Lite: This app helps you manage your checking and savings accounts, as well as special business accounts.
  9. Calc-12E RPN Financial Calculator: Manage three different cash flow scenarios at the same time with this serious financial calculator.
  10. Omni Invoice: This app is a little pricey, but it saves you a lot of time and mess when organizing and creating invoices.
  11. Receipts: Save your receipts and monitor spending using this app.
  12. Time Master: Time Master is another time tracking tool that lets you run multiple timers.
  13. iFinance: Stay current on market summaries with this app, which grants access to NASDAQ, DOW and S&P 500 charts.
  14. Payometer: When you get discouraged, use this tool to calculate how much money you’re making by the millisecond.

Calendars and To-Do Lists

With these iPhone apps, you’ll be able to prioritize tasks, schedule meetings and never get off track.

  1. SmartTime Schedule Organizer: This organizer helps your prioritize tasks, meet deadlines and more.
  2. iDarumaWork: Set goals with this quirky app.
  3. Wall Calendar: If you miss the simplicity of a wall calendar, this app lets you use your Google Calendar as your wallpaper on your iPhone.
  4. TodoKanban: This slightly bizarre but helpful to-do list manager lets you chart tasks on different colored sticky notes.
  5. Hour Glass Time Tracker: This tool helps you prioritize your tasks.
  6. Holidays Calendar: This app figures out fixed and movable calendars for multiple countries.
  7. Gmail iPhone Sync: Sync up Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Contacts with your iPhone.
  8. Toodleoo: Manage and prioritize your various to-do lists and tasks with this app.
  9. Done: Use Done to save your tasks as wallpaper.
  10. Masterplan: This app helps you designate tasks to other employees while keeping track of milestones and deadlines.


Use these apps to stay organized and on time while you travel for work.

  1. Find a Taxi: Use this app to locate taxi and limo services based on your location.
  2. TraveLog Mileage Tracker: Manage work trips more easily with this app.
  3. Packing: Create packing lists for different trips using this app.
  4. Airport Codes: Look up airport information with these codes.
  5. Flight Status: If the ticket agents aren’t being helpful, look up your flight status with this app.
  6. Here is Beijing: If you frequently travel to Beijing, use this app to learn about culture, tourist attractions, food and more.
  7. My Gate Maps: This useful map helps you navigate around airports like LAX, DEN, BOS, IAH, PHX, JFK, MIA, LGA, DCA, SFO, and others.
  8. LocalEats: Eat well even when you’re in a strange city. This app covers 50 U.S. cities, including Philadelphia, San Jose, New Orleans, Seattle, and others.
  9. Translator with Voice: This app will translate sentences in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, among other languages.
  10. World Customs: Never be the ugly American again when you have this guide to help you understand unfamiliar world customs.

Client Relations

Make your each of your clients feel like he or she is your number one priority without compromising other areas of your business.

  1. CardSnap: Upload images of business cards to your iPhone with this tool.
  2. FollowUp: Remind yourself and others to follow up on conversations. This app also tracks communications and saves contacts.
  3. AT&T Virtual Receptionist: Set up a pleasant voice mail greeting with call forwarding and a toll-free number.
  4. GolfCard Lite: If you can’t make it to an actual country club, play golf and practice your game on this app.
  5. Yahoo! oneConnect: With this tool, you can link up a social address book with social network contacts, IM and SMS support and more.
  6. Loopt: Use this tool to learn about potential clients in your area and link up with the ones nearby.
  7. Sendvite: Send invitations and manage RSVPs with this tool.
  8. Flickr on iPhone: Use this version of Flickr to easily share photos from special events and brag about your clients.
  9. Jelly SMS: Using this tool, you can send cheap text messages around the world.
  10. Card Caller: Even if you’re on a budget, make a point to stay in touch with international clients using the Card Caller manager.


Keep your data and passwords safe with these apps.

  1. VIP Access: Block your mobile data with a security code and credential ID.
  2. Keeper: This app is a password and data vault that stores sensitive information on your iPhone and backs it up on your computer, not online.
  3. Folders: Password protect and hide important folders with this app.
  4. Wallet PRO: This password manager keeps your website login information safe for multiple sites.

Calculators and Converters

For figuring out percentages, profits and exchange rates, these apps will help you out.

  1. npdCalc Lite: Use this app to calculate how much money and product you lose when your business plan suffers and when you lose time.
  2. Remote Desktop Lite: Even from your iPhone, you can access the desktop of a Windows XP Professional computer with this app.
  3. Percent Calculator: This calculator has buttons for cost, sell, profit, margin, %, and more.
  4. Daily Currency: Use this calculator to convert currency at the most updated rate.
  5. BusinessCalc: Use BusinessCalc to figure out amortization, compound interest, simple interest, tips, and more.
  6. Millionaire Calc: Find out how long it will take for your business to make you a millionaire

Office Tools and Notes

This list includes apps for sending faxes, note taking, creating documents, charting data, and more.

  1. Chart It – Mobile Data Collector: Organize charts and data on this app.
  2. Documents Free: This version of the Mobile Office Suite is free.
  3. Fast Writer: Substitute symbols for words and letters to type faster.
  4. Wi-Fi Text Editor: Create simple text documents and save photos and other notes with this app.
  5. iProRecorder: This app turns your iPhone into an audio recorder.
  6. ReaddleDocs: Manage MS office, PDFs, Excel and more with this office suite on the iPhone.
  7. Write a Note: Use Write a Note to sync up with notes on your Mac or PC, send notes via e-mail, organize them into categories, and more.
  8. NoteStuff Lite: Organize notes, save pages and add notations using this app.
  9. Right Signature: Make it easy to get signatures on mobile documents, like contracts and more.
  10. mmNote: Organize and prioritize memos and notes using this app.

Human Resources and Networking

Manage employees, watch the job market, review your own business skills and network with the help of these iPhone apps.

  1. Search for jobs and job candidates.
  2. PunchClock: Track time and shifts with this app.
  3. Job Hunt: 50 Tips: This app is full of networking tips, even if you’re not searching for another job.
  4. Career Skills: Vol. 1 Summaries: Access summaries of career and leadership books like Influencer.
  5. iFindJob: Keep your eye on the job market with this app.
  6. vCarder: Send digital business cards with this tool.

Meetings and Communication

These apps will prepare you for meetings and allow you to stay in touch with business associates and partners, clients, investors and more.

  1. iNvite: This app lets you send, edit and cancel meeting invitations.
  2. Audio Memos Free: Record meetings and memos with your iPhone with this free app.
  3. Stay in Touch: Stay in touch with colleagues and clients without looking like you planned it by setting random alerts that remind you to call or text certain people in your address book.
  4. Tweetie: With Tweetie, you can mange your Twitter account on the iPhone.
  5. FedEx Mobile for iPhone: Track FedEx shipments with this app.
  6. Meeting Cost Timer: Discover how much money you’re wasting (or earning) when you and your employees are stuck in meetings all day.
  7. iBerry Lite: Catch up with your e-mail on the iPhone and your Exchange 2003 and 2007 e-mail accounts as well.
  8. Doc2email: With this app, you can convert documents into images that can be faxed from your iPhone e-mail.
  9. Mr. Cricket: Get yourself out of awkward situations and meetings by setting an alarm for Mr. Cricket to start chirping in your pocket.
  10. Talk Timer: Use this app to time your lectures and presentations.


These apps serve as guides when you need quick information on available real estate, business law, business news, and even debts.

  1. NearBuy: Find nearby real estate spaces with this app.
  2. Business Exam Bundle: MBA students and those who want to brush up on business school theories and strategies can refer to the material in this app, including Finance for Managers, Understanding the Economy, and Legal Environments of Business.
  3. iTie: This app features a how-to for tying the half Windsor knot and other tie tying techniques.
  4. Wall Street Journal: The WSJ iPhone app allows access to the WSJ Mobile Reader,, and
  5. Find an Attorney: Keep your legal counsel close at hand with this app.
  6. Euro Checker: Validate Euro numbers using this tool.
  7. ZIP Finder: This free app figures out your zip code so that it’s easier to ship packages, find nearby hot spots, and more.
  8. GrandTotal: Use this app to find out how many outstanding invoices and bills you need to pay.
  9. Dictionary of Business Terms: This searchable dictionary app is just $2.99.
  10. Business Law Test: Use this guide as a reference whenever you need help with contracts, partnerships and more.

Niche Business Tools

This grouping of iPhone apps will satisfy the needs of pilots, real estate business professionals, and others in very specific industries.

  1. PilotLog Offline: Professional pilots can log flights and stay organized offline with this app.
  2. Shopkeeper: Business owners who manage online stores can manage their e-commerce systems with Shopkeeper.
  3. Bloggers Guide to Profits: Bloggers can refer to this guide for professional help.
  4. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms: Real estate professionals will find this dictionary helpful.


Here you’ll find even more iPhone apps to keep your business afloat.

  1. Sloganizer: Create clever slogans for your business with this tool.
  2. Coffee Time: When you go on a coffee run, keep everyone’s order straight with this app.
  3. iCatchall Tools: 15+ Apps in One: This bundle includes a digital clock, flashlight, unit converter, file storage, tip calculator, and shared contacts.
  4. LifeTicker: Busy professionals can use this tool to stay on top of all that needs to be done in their personal lives, too, like doctor visits and birthdays.
  5. Schedule Reminder: Avoid missing appointments and meetings when you use this app.
  6. Spanish Class 1: Learn Spanish with this app to broaden your skills as a team leader, recruiter and global business owner.

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