Button Smasher 2.0: Now With Power-ups

OmNom Apps today announced a significant update to Button Smasher–semi-finalist in the inaugural AppMadness Tournament.

This update includes:

- The addition of power-ups
- New sounds and graphics
- Counting score
- Game over screen
- Slight tweaks aimed at improving game play

With the introduction of power-ups, players are encouraged to play faster and more accurately in order earn them. For every few smashes made, users will earn a new power-up. It is up to players to strategically determine when to use them.

With a push of a button, power-ups are activated. Power-ups come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They provide for a more strategic experience for varying types of gamers.

The new Button Smasher is available now on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Button Smasher - OmNom Apps

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