Buy Gold

I came up with a Simple Strategy to tell you when to own gold bullion… and when not to.

It’s so simple, you could teach a monkey to follow it.

Best of all, $10,000 invested in this Simple Strategy would have turned into nearly $2 million. Just buying and holding gold bullion over the same time period would have turned $10,000 into just $300,000.

Not only did this Simple Strategy dramatically outperform the price of gold, it did so with substantially less volatility…buy gold bullion

My Simple Strategy managed to steadily rise from the lower left of the chart to upper right. It almost entirely avoided gold’s big fall in 1975-1977. And it generally avoided gold’s two-decade fall from 1980 to 2000.

The Simple Strategy is so simple, it’s almost embarrassing. gold IRA But it is based on an important point. Let me explain it…

How do you know when it’s time to¬†buy bullion? Sometimes people will say, “Oh, it’s not a bull market in gold… It’s simply a bear market in the dollar.”

You see, if the U.S. dollar is crashing against other currencies, it’s probably also going down in terms of gold. That can make it look like gold is in a bull market. But what if gold is falling in terms of the euro or the yen? That’s not a gold bull market.

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