Buzzooka – Google Buzz client

Buzzooka is a Google Buzz client for the iPhone. It provides many features that you can’t find on the official web interface of Google Buzz along with a slicker and faster interface taking advantage of the native iOS components.

In order to use Buzzooka you will need a gmail account that has Google Buzz enabled.


✓ Push notification on new posts and comments.
✓ Create, delete, like and mute posts.
✓ Create or edit comments.
✓ Create private posts for specific groups.
✓ Easily add pictures to your posts.
✓ Attach your current GPS location to your status.


✓ See on a map what everyone is posting about near your location.
✓ Find people to follow.
✓ Integrated web browser.
✓ iOS 4 multitasking support
✓ Compressed communication with the google server results in extremely fast navigation.
✓ All connections are using SSL for secure communication.
✓ Fast and slick native iOS interface
✓ Comments and likes are shown under each post in every stream.
✓ Retina optimized interface and icons
✓ Landscape support

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