Cake Break launches Christmas Application

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Cake Break, the iPhone application development team, is launching a special edition of their first app, What Flower. The Christmas edition was created for the winter holiday season, and it proposes a series of flowers and arrangements for those who feel overwhelmed by the task of putting together a bouquet by themselves.

The core application, What Flower, is useful for anyone, whether you are passioned by flowers, or just looking for a special gift for someone dear. It consists of a database of over 240 flowers, arranged by name, color, meaning, season they grow in or region they naturally come from. The app helps you chose the perfect flower for every occasion, and makes the task of buying flowers much more easy.

Radu Oprea, programmer at Cake Break talks about how the idea for What Flower came to his mind: “It was one of my own experiences that made me think of a flower app. I was dating a girl, and one day, I thought I’d make a good impression and buy her flowers. I didn’t know back then that those flowers are only given at a funeral. Needless to sayI never heard from her again.”

The Christmas edition takes the What Flower application one step further, with the arrival of the bouquets. “The original What Flower app tells you what flower you need, but doesn’t specify how to include it in a bouquet. The Christmas edition app gives you that”, says Radu. Besides proposing a number of flowers and bouquets for the winter holiday season, the Christmas edition features a partnership with, an online flower shop who generously provided the photos for the bouquets. Also, in-app links were added so that the viewer can buy the bouquets directly from the website.

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